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Top GTA 3 Cars

May 4, 2017 No Comments


#1.Car in GTA 5:Pegassi Zentorno

The Pegassi Zentorno is designed as an exotic high-performance vehicle, with very aggressive styling cues and a very low, sloped body for added aerodynamic effects. It is heavily based on the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento featuring the overall shape, hexagonal vents in the back of the car, twin roof scoops and triangular vents on the hood.

The Pegassi Zentorno has a top speed of 213 mph (343 km/h). it is the fifth fastest vehicle in the game, behind the Grotti Cheetah’s 220 mph (354 km/h), Pegassi Osiris’ 230 mph (370 km/h), Overflod Entity XF’s 240 mph (386 km/h), and Truffade Adder’s 250 mph (403 km/h). In the hands of a skilled driver, this car is overall one of the best vehicles for racing, getaways, and casual cruising.

However, when compared to the Osiris, the Zentorno loses in terms of top speed and cornering, as the Zentorno actually weighs 1,500 kg, compared to the Osiris’ 1,350 kg; the higher weight stat actually hampers cornering abilities. The Osiris only has a slightly higher drag coefficient and slower acceleration.

#2.Car in GTA 5 : Emperor

Yet another car released in the Cunning Stunts update in GTA V, the ETR1 is a very balanced car, and comparable to the Tyrus – if you have either this one of the Tyrus ALL other Super Cars will be driving in your dust. The spoiler provides a ton of downward force while accelerating, while being able to maintain speed around corners.

  • Acceleration (0-60mph / 0 – 100kmh): n/a
  • Top Speed (mph / kph): n/a
  • Engine (Capacity + Layout + Fuel): n/a
  • Drivetrain (AWD / FWD / RWD): n/a
  • Gearbox (Number + Type): n/a
  • Mass (Kg / lb): n/a


#3.Car in GTA 5 : Progen T20

The main body of Progen T20 is almost similar to the McLaren P1. The class of Progen T20 is super, it has two door hypercar, it has the capacity two of driver and passenger, it has been appeared in Grand Theft Auto V [DLC] and Grand Theft Auto Online [DLC]. It is manufactured by Progen. The price of Progen T20 is Price $2,200,000. This vehicle is similar to Turismo R. IT was on 2nd in our top 10 best gta 5 cars list



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